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4 Pics 1 Movie Answers Level 7

4 Pics 1 Movie Answers and cheats to level 7 of the popular photo word game by Game Circus for iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Android. Guess the popular movie title that the four images represent. If you need help solving a level of 4 Pics 1 Movie, just use these answers and cheats to beat the game!

4 pics 1 movie answer cheat Aliens4 pics 1 movie answer cheat 12 Monkeys4 pics 1 movie answer cheat Heavy Metal
Aliens12 MonkeysHeavy Metal
A drawing of a welcoming clerk, A male blonde clerk with an “open” sign , A female store employee arranging products on shelves , A clerk smiling from behind the counter area Two monkeys with orange and grey hair , Angry monkey behind bars , Monkey in a suit , Smiling cartoon monkey hanging from a vine Three white figures trying to lift a weight , A woman carrying a huge block of metal on her back, Grey metal with screws drilled in it , A heavy metal band rocking away
4 pics 1 movie answer cheat Men In Black4 pics 1 movie answer cheat star Wars4 pics 1 movie answer cheat Total Recall
Men In Blackstar WarsTotal Recall
Two men standing in front of each other in suits , Sign depicting male sexuality , A cute black puppy looking to it’s side , A suited alien with sunglasses holding a candle An eclipse, moon sheilding the sun , A paper with calculations and a calculator , A man inserting a memory disk in his head , Call on hold on a black vintage phone A burnt cigarette bud , A steak being smoked on a grill , An owl with an A+, A card of A of spade on fire
4 pics 1 movie answer cheat Smokin' Aces4 pics 1 movie answer cheat Flashdance4 pics 1 movie answer cheat Iron Eagle
Smokin’ AcesFlashdanceIron Eagle
A dog taking a picture from an old school flash camera , The beam of a bright torch light guiding the way , A sketch of a couple dancing , Girls partying on the beach Black and pink electrical iron placed upright, Spiked metal fence, Soaring eagle logo , A lock shaped like an eagle Woman with pink sports bra throwing a punch , A woman in a black sports bra punching a hand, A man shouting ready to hit a punch, A man with yellow taped hands practicing boxing
4 pics 1 movie answer cheat The Fighter4 pics 1 movie answer cheat Splash4 pics 1 movie answer cheat A Time to Kill
The FighterSplashA Time to Kill
Splashing on a puddle in pink wellingtons, A little girl with a blue umbrella and wellingtons jumping on a puddle , A father and daughter in the pool with an orange tube , A mermaid with black hair and knowing look holding a bunch of flowers A vintage clock with roman numbers , Old school table clock with a paper being taken out from the top, A toy truck being driven over a black figure , A cartoon man in blue overalls spraying a giant ant White stairs with a red carpet sprawled on them , A man working out on the exercise step, A pre teen and an infant Asian smiling, Two blonde boys sitting on the stairs
4 pics 1 movie answer cheat Step Brothers4 pics 1 movie answer cheat Mallrats4 pics 1 movie answer cheat Casablanca
Step BrothersMallratsCasablanca
Two suited figures with red boxing gloves in a ring , Two black figures doing the karate , A golf set in a black golf bag, A gigantic symbol of a club Two women walking with their shopping bags, People go up and down on escalators in a mall, A grey mouse with pink feet sticking out, A cartoon character of a rat A brush dipped in white paint , A 3d diagram of front of the house, A picture of the white house , A man in a brown coat and hat smoking a cigarette
4 pics 1 movie answer cheat Titanic
A giant cruiser hitting an ice berg, A colored sketch of a steam cruiser , A cartoon image of ship drowning , An iconic pose of a couple standing on the edge of a ship