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4 Pics 1 Movie Answers Level 6

4 Pics 1 Movie Answers and cheats to level 6 of the popular photo word game by Game Circus for iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Android. Guess the popular movie title that the four images represent. If you need help solving a level of 4 Pics 1 Movie, just use these answers and cheats to beat the game!

4 pics 1 movie answer cheat Clerks4 pics 1 movie answer cheat Twister
Brown grizzly bear sitting on ice , Two grizzlies fighting, Arrow with a circle , A big teddy bear on a mans shoulders man with his arms tangled , Twisted pink sausages on display, twister ravaging through everything with a whoosh, A dramatic twister near a barn
4 pics 1 movie answer cheat Rambo4 pics 1 movie answer cheat Space Cowboys
RamboSpace Cowboys
Two rams locked in a horn fight , An angry looking ram popping out of diamond shape, Rows o different colored bows, A female archer ready to shoot Planets lined up next to the sun, Clear night sky with sparkling stars , A cowboy tipping his cowboy hat, A cowboy and floating cow observing life in space
4 pics 1 movie answer cheat Jungle Fever4 pics 1 movie answer cheat Network
Jungle FeverNetwork
Carved wooden objects from the South African tribes , Multi waterfalls flowing in the lush jungle , A sick dog with a thermometer in his mouth, A woman dismayed at her temperature White cords plugged in a device , Network of figures spreading out from the center , A female pondering about her network of friends , A woman being filmed on a TV network
4 pics 1 movie answer cheat Election4 pics 1 movie answer cheat A Knight's Tale
ElectionA Knight’s Tale
Placing the vote in a wooden ballot box , Cartoon figure holding the deciding envelope , Two American political parties to choose from, Encouragement to vote drawn on a chalkboard Cartoon drawing of a knight holding the sword and shield , A happy gallant knight trotting on a horse , An old book with a candle on top , A blue and brown rolled up tail belonging to an animal
4 pics 1 movie answer cheat Space Jam4 pics 1 movie answer cheat The Ring
Space JamThe Ring
Images from out of space with bluish hues , Violet and blue light seen from out of space , Spreading thick red jam on a pile of toast , Three pots of different colored jams A silver engagement ring with a small diamond, Blue, yellow, orange and purple rings, A finger about to ring a table bell , A blue ringing cellphone sign
4 pics 1 movie answer cheat Tequila Sunrise4 pics 1 movie answer cheat Meet the Parents
Tequila SunriseMeet the Parents
A glass of water, a lemon and pinch of spiceColored drink in a glass with a lemon on a top , , A beautiful sunset on the beach, Brown colored fancy drink with a cherry on topMan with a blue cap meeting a little girls parents, Boy introducing a girl to his parents , A family in color coordinated clothes , A couple posing with their children on their back
4 pics 1 movie answer cheat The Great Escape4 pics 1 movie answer cheat After the Sunset
The Great EscapeAfter the Sunset
A terrifying whale popping out from the sea, The great wall of China , Two white figures attempting an escape A finger pressing the esc button , Three figures with different body weight, A smile with teeth that are half white and half stained yellow , Warm golden sunset on the beach, Man sitting on a bench and admiring the sunset
4 pics 1 movie answer cheat Some Like it Hot4 pics 1 movie answer cheat The Bodyguard
Some Like it HotThe Bodyguard
A cartoon drawing of teacher that is half bald and wearing glasses , A blackboard with 2+2=4 written on it , A woman pressing a thumbs up icon , Cartoon figure of a man laying on the floor and sweating A diagram of a body with its organs highlighted in orange, A security shield logo, A security man talking on his wireless , A security personal observing a man