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4 Pics 1 Movie Answers Level 5

4 Pics 1 Movie Answers and cheats to level 5 of the popular photo word game by Game Circus for iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Android. Guess the popular movie title that the four images represent. If you need help solving a level of 4 Pics 1 Movie, just use these answers and cheats to beat the game!

4 pics 1 movie answer cheat Elf4 pics 1 movie answer cheat Blow Dry
ElfBlow Dry
Red haired girl blowing kisses , A strawberry blonde blow drying her hair , Bunch of socks drying on a line , Clothes ready to be washed in a white washing machine Candles sitting on a chocolate cake, White candles sitting pretty on a cupcake with blue topping White and brown 3 tiered cake with 16 candle Pastel colored candles on a white cake , ,
4 pics 1 movie answer cheat Sixteen Candles4 pics 1 movie answer cheat Dirty Dancing
Sixteen CandlesDirty Dancing
Imprint of dirty hand , Dirty heart shaped dishes , Black figures dancing with a white background A couple making a sultry dance pose, Feet with heels lifted and toes touching the ground Two pairs of feet with daisy’s sticking out of them A man loosening his tie , , , A blonde woman wearing loose jeans
4 pics 1 movie answer cheat Footloose4 pics 1 movie answer cheat Monsters Inc
FootlooseMonsters Inc
Baby Frankenstein giving a thumbs up, Green gloppy monster with three eyes , Pots of multi different colored paints , Pen with bleeding ink An elephant, a lion and tiger on Safari , An ugly black hog, A smiley cartoon hog with spots , A biker in black standing with his motor bike
4 pics 1 movie answer cheat Wild Hogs4 pics 1 movie answer cheat Attack the Block
Wild HogsAttack the Block
A man kicking boxing his opponent , Dog on a leash about to attack someone , Baby playing with a blocks, Three wooden alphabetical blocksStarlight in space , Starfish half buried in the sand , A couple of girls posing near the sea , Spocks hand sign from Star wars
4 pics 1 movie answer cheat Star Trek4 pics 1 movie answer cheat Layer Cake
Star TrekLayer Cake
Layer of crusty goodness , Multi colored desert in a glass , A polka dotted cake with candles , A slice of chocolate cake A woman biting her nails in despair , Woman horrified by the time depicted on her watch , An empty room with a wooden floor , A door with numerous amount of locks
4 pics 1 movie answer cheat Panic Room4 pics 1 movie answer cheat Role Models
Panic RoomRole Models
A man throwing two red dices , Golden loaves on display , Models wearing grey and black outfits , A model train on a model train track Man in a brown coat with file that says secret , A black figure with a high collared coat and red eyes , Cute girls in a laying in a circle , Children running on a field
4 pics 1 movie answer cheat Spy Kids4 pics 1 movie answer cheat Scent of a Woman
Spy KidsScent of a Woman
A girl smelling a pink flower , A woman smelling the perfume she’s displaying on her hand , A brown haired woman smelling her armpits , A sign of female sexuality Paper cuts in a human figure , Bulk of black papers , figure chasing another whose running with a suitcase , Cartoon dog chasing a cartoon man with a red tie
4 pics 1 movie answer cheat The Paper Chase4 pics 1 movie answer cheat Grizzly Man
The Paper ChaseGrizzly Man
Close up of red pulp , Discarded fruit pulp on a white dish, Fictional robot aiming with a gun, Snowy mountains and clear night skies
  • brad

    after paper chase it,s killing seasons then it,s grizzly man