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4 Pics 1 Movie Answers Level 4

4 Pics 1 Movie Answers and cheats to level 4 of the popular photo word game by Game Circus for iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Android. Guess the popular movie title that the four images represent. If you need help solving a level of 4 Pics 1 Movie, just use these answers and cheats to beat the game!

4 pics 1 movie answer cheat The Lion King4 pics 1 movie answer cheat Bad Boys4 pics 1 movie answer cheat Man of Steel
The Lion KingBad BoysMan of Steel
Woman with the broken arm , A broken arm in a cast, Be right back sign, Man on a deserted Island Dalmatian looking a broken mug, A toast that is blackened from the center , A glaring brown haired boy, Two boys fighting with each otherA blue square with an arrow, Rows of bronze and white steel , A worker molding the steel , A cartoon of fat superman
4 pics 1 movie answer cheat Salt4 pics 1 movie answer cheat Black Dynamite4 pics 1 movie answer cheat Holes
SaltBlack DynamiteHoles
Glass salt shaker on it’s side , Various spices in wooden table spoons , A figure of a man with red eyes in a coat, A blond posing with a gun A black line drawn with a roller, Spattered black paint on a white wall , A dynamite with a ticking clock , Dynamite that is about to blow An almost hole in one , Cheese bars with holes in them , Ripped grey denim , A black sock with a toe popping out
4 pics 1 movie answer cheat City of Angels4 pics 1 movie answer cheat Ice Princess4 pics 1 movie answer cheat Boys Don't Cry
City of AngelsIce PrincessBoys Don’t Cry
City life depicted by the concrete jungle , Various city lines displayed in black , A smiling angel with blond hair , An angelic woman in an angel costume Reflection of an iceberg in crystal clear water A number of ice cubes on top of each other , , A blonde princess in a blue dress , A black and white picture of a woman wearing a crownA chubby boys scouting saluting, Three children posing for the camera , A big bold red stop sign , A crying brown haired boy
4 pics 1 movie answer cheat Deep Blue sea4 pics 1 movie answer cheat Skyfall4 pics 1 movie answer cheat Superbad
Deep Blue seaSkyfallSuperbad
A slice of cheesy pizza , A silhouette of a person snorkeling underwater , Paint brush dipped in blue paint , A wale circling the deep blue seaSun shining through the clouds , The orange haze of sunset , A country side road during the fall, Man tumbling from a staircase A cartoon of Superman blasting off , Chubby superman grinning away , A thumbs down sign in red , Doctor comforting a man in distress
4 pics 1 movie answer cheat Coyote Ugly4 pics 1 movie answer cheat Training Day4 pics 1 movie answer cheat I am Legend
Coyote UglyTraining DayI am Legend
Coyote walking through the desert , Coyote howling during full moon , An ugly green troll , A nerdy man with glasses Woman working out with a trainer , A group of people being trained , A calendar with a red square , A circle showing night and dayA green eye with doll like lashes , A child trying to take out a replica of Excalibur, A gold sculpture holding a head , A multi colored map
4 pics 1 movie answer cheat Ladyhawke
A girl with red lipsticks and layers of necklaces A drawing of lady from Victorian era in a dusky pink dress. A brown hawk looking to oneside A full picture of scary looking hawk , , ,
  • brad

    number 1 is,nt the lion king it,s cast away