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4 Pics 1 Movie Answers Level 1

4 Pics 1 Movie Answers and cheats to level 1 of the popular photo word game by Game Circus for iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Android. Guess the popular movie title that the four images represent. If you need help solving a level of 4 Pics 1 Movie, just use these answers and cheats to beat the game!

4 pics 1 movie answer cheat Toy Story4 pics 1 movie answer cheat Fight Club
Toy StoryFight Club
Kid’s toys, Child playing with toy train, Mom and dad reading to their daughters, A bookA silver star with a black background , People playing tug of war , Cartoon of Darth Vader , A pair of pink and green light sabers
4 pics 1 movie answer cheat Leap Year4 pics 1 movie answer cheat 21 Jump Street
Leap Year21 Jump Street
A picture of giant brown spider , spiders crawling on a web, Arrow in a circle, Man in a super hero costumeJumping from a cliff, two girls umping in joy, Cars on the road, A painting of an empty street
4 pics 1 movie answer cheat Ocean's Eleven4 pics 1 movie answer cheat I Love You, Man
Ocean’s ElevenI Love You, Man
A picture of Lion , Knocker shaped like a lion , A cartoon of a king, King of the jungleDiagram of a heart , A pair of red hearts , A hand pointing finger, A couple of men
4 pics 1 movie answer cheat Black Swan4 pics 1 movie answer cheat Cowboys and Aliens
Black SwanCowboys and Aliens
A picture of black furry rabbit, Half of a black car visible, Swan on gliding on a lake, Ballerina in a black tutuCowboy drawing their guns, A happy cowboy family, An alien that looks horrified , A pair of space ships in the night
4 pics 1 movie answer cheat Almost Famous4 pics 1 movie answer cheat Hitch
Almost FamousHitch
A very happy looking penguin , A candle and bear, A pair of cartoon feet, A pair of human feetSealed with a kiss , , Cars pulling a modern caravans, Man hitching a ride
4 pics 1 movie answer cheat Battleship4 pics 1 movie answer cheat Braveheart
Vintage War Ship with blazing guns , Navy war Ship on the sea , A gigantic white cruise, Diagram of strategy planMen on war holding a flag, Soldier with his weapons, Heart in a circle , Medal of honor
4 pics 1 movie answer cheat Vanilla Sky4 pics 1 movie answer cheat Pitch Perfect
Vanilla SkyPitch Perfect
A scoop of ice cream, Vanilla blossoms laid out beautifully, Clear blue skies on a sunny day, Clouds framing the sunPitching the ball , Black musical speakers , Bold inscription of 100%, A girl with an A+
4 pics 1 movie answer cheat Pulp Fiction4 pics 1 movie answer cheat Garden State
Pulp FictionGarden State
Giant Wave, Under the sea, Clock displaying 11 o clock, Bars and a do not pass through signWatering can in a garden, Woman holding gardening essentials , Colorful map of America , Map of New Jersey
  • Angie tururu

    some of them are wrong….
    1. Toy Story, 2. Star Wars, 3. Spider-man, 4. 21 jump street, 5. The lion king, 6. I love you,man, 7. Black swan, 8. Cowboys and Aliens, 9. Happy Feet, 10. Hitch, 11. Battleship, 12. Braveheart, 13. Vanilla Sky, 14. Pitch perfect…and I don’t know the other ones (;

    • Amy

      Do you know the wave one?

      • Wendy

        the 15 is Ocean’s eleven

        • tatit

          thanks wendy ta wave one is wrong thanks to you

    • Wendy

      you are so clever, some of the answer is wrong.

  • Becca M

    Answers are wrong thigh the whole cheat. The rave one is ocean’s eleven. The answers might be on other pages I am finding.

  • tommy lol


  • tommy lol

    16. is garden state thats correct